Bomb Squad Detonates Pipe

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ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — Streets were blocked off in Rogue River and the state police bomb squad was called in to investigate a suspicious object outside a senior apartment complex. Police ended up detonating that object early Thursday morning.

A maintenance worker on his morning rounds found the object. It was a PVC pipe sealed on both ends and sitting outside the Rogue Terrace Apartments, a senior disabled apartment complex.

Police didn’t know why it was there, and said they wanted to play it safe. The Oregon State Police bomb squad detonated the object around 11:30 a.m. They said it was not an explosive, it was a PVC pipe filled with water, which was sealed tight.

The whole process was delayed by several hours this morning, because the bomb squad at the central point office was out of the area on training. Police had to wait a couple hours for the Salem team to make the drive down. North river road was blocked for a short time, and neighbors were kept at a safe distance, but no one was evacuated.

“We had a real bombing here last March, an improvised explosive device, so we don’t take any chances, and call the experts out,” explained Rogue River Police Chief Ken Lewis.

No one was hurt, and once OSP arrived on scene, the entire situation ended in about 45 minutes. Neighbors said they weren’t scared, in fact a large group gathered on the sidewalk to watch the whole scene unfold.