Suspected Homicide in Yreka

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YREKA, Calif. — Police are going through evidence and looking for a suspect in a suspected homicide in Yreka, but officers are not releasing many details about the crime.

A body was found in the Yreka Creek area. Police suspect murder, but they’re not saying much else. People in the area just want to know what happened.

The crime scene tape has been removed and police are gone from the area, but police are still investigating what led to a body being found on Tuesday. Yreka Police say it’s likely a homicide, but are not revealing what evidence led them to that conclusion. Detectives spent Thursday looking through evidence and interviewing potential persons of interest.

This is the second body found in the area in less than a year. Police say a homeless man was killed there last November, but police have not released a detailed cause of death, only cryptically calling it “homicidal violence.”

Neighbors in a nearby senior apartment complex say they want answers about both deaths. Neighbors say they are not concerned about their personal safety. They say the area is quiet, and has not had problems with violence before this.

An autopsy has been scheduled for next Tuesday, and police said they’ll release the victim’s name once they’ve notified the next of kin.