Suspected Burglars Arrested

Joseph MiyazakiMEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford police officer’s good memory helped in the arrest of several suspected burglars.

On Monday, police say the Sparta building was burglarized. This is the second time the businesses inside the building were targeted. Just a few days ago, the Sparta building was burglarized.

After checking out the surveillance video, an officer recognized a man in the video as 42-year-old Joseph Miyazaki. Officers located him at the Gospel Mission where he admitted to the crime. They say that arrest led them 22-year-old Cameron Manning who also admitted to the burglary. Police say a third person, 50-year-old David Jones, was not involved in the burglaries but took some of the stolen property.

“We think based on what we’re seeing in the surveillance  video, they came in through a type of a roof access. So, they are working on securing the roof better so it doesn’t happen again,” said Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Police say the burglars stole over six thousand dollars worth of electronics and equipment.

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  1. Terry Baker says:

    Handgun bullets won’t ricochet? Hunting rifle bullets wont ricochet? Seriously? If the man had confidence the police could protect him none of this would have happened.

    Joe Biden said to fire warning shots “through the door” without even knowing positively who is on the other side. Next thing you know, they are going to try and convince us that increased rainfall will make our fire season worse, or wait, I guess that ship sailed LOL.

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