Suspect Sought in Hit and Run of Kids

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A driver hits three kids along the streets of West Medford and takes off on Friday. Deputies are still searching for that suspect and said they did not find any skid marks on the road or signs that the vehicle sped or slowed down.

An eyewitness, Shelsea Harden, spoke with Newswatch 12.  She says she saw the driver slam into them sending several kids in the ditch.

“A hit and run is beyond unbelievable to me. How are you still humane by letting that happen?” says Harden.

This incident has left many people questioning the safety of this road.

“It didn’t surprise me that somebody got hit because I’ve had a few close calls. And it’s bound to happen sooner or later. I’ve lost several animals on this road, too,” says resident Tim Armstrong.

Some residents are calling this accident a wake-up call.

“At least more lights, or at least widen the road to where you take some people’s yards away, unfortunately, and I know they do need to make these roads safer,” says Harden.

Some say drivers just need to pay attention.

“30 mile speed limit,”  says Armstrong. “If people would just be aware, it’d be alright.”

A family member of one of the victims found several pieces of plastic lenses near the scene. Deputies were able to connect those pieces to some serial part numbers.

Deputies are searching for a dark maroon colored Chevy S10 pickup. It’s made sometime between 1981-1993. There’s also a sticker similar to a Native American sun on the back window with some front-end damage on the lower right side of the truck.

Two of the victims were transported to the hospital. The condition of those minors are unknown. If you have any information about this vehicle, you’re asked to contact the sheriff’s office.