Suspect Jailed A Second Time

MEDFORD, Ore. — For the second time in one day, a Medford-area transient was arrested for committing the same crime at the same business.

Jackson County Jail employees say Robert Johannessen was released Saturday afternoon after being jailed for car thefts. Jail officials say his release was due to overcrowding. He was arrested once again Saturday evening.

It all started on Friday morning. Medford Police officers responded to West Main Auto Sales for an overnight burglary. Police say the investigation revealed the suspect had kicked out a window near the front of the building and stole about $2,600 worth of tools as well as two vehicles. Officers say the two stolen vehicles were a 1998 white Ford Ranger and a 2002 silver Mitsubishi Montero.

Just after midnight, Medford Police responded to a used car lot on South Riverside Avenue after a passerby reported a car with lights on in the lot and a car with the door open. Police discovered two vehicles with the engines running and found Robert Johannessen inside the business. Officers first arrested Johannessen without incident, according to a press release.

Investigators say he was in the process of stealing cars and property when he was caught. Officers also determined he was responsible for the West Main Auto Sales incident just hours before that.

Police refer to Johannessen as a Medford-area transient. He reportedly assisted officers to find the Ford Ranger he had stolen. It was in a nearby parking lot. Officers say the Mitsubishi Montero is still outstanding.

Johannessen, 37, was first lodged in the Jackson County Jail on a $117,00 bail for multiple charges including burglary, theft, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle early morning Saturday. He was arrested again later Saturday evening for similar charges as he attempted to steal cars from the same South Riverside Avenue business.