Suspect Found After 16 Years

7-18 WOMAN 16 YEARSLINN COUNTY, Ore. — A woman wanted for 16 years for allegedly killing someone while drunk driving on Interstate 5 was found in Canada. In 1997, Oregon State Police say a then 38-year-old Jean Terese Keating sideswiped another car; the driver ended up crashing and dying. While awaiting trial in 1998, police say she ran.

Since then, her name and picture have been in national databases, but she had seemed to disappear, until earlier this year, when a police officer in Canada got a tip that a woman at a bar was talking about getting away with a fatal drunk driving crash back in the states.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said in early 2013, a RCMP Constable stationed in Minnedosa, Manitoba, a small rural town with a population of about 2500 people, heard a rumor about a local woman named “Jean McPherson”.

The rumor indicated she was actually an American citizen who entered Canada illegally many years ago and she was a wanted fugitive. Further investigation partnered with American law enforcement and border control revealed there was no record of “Jean McPherson” as a Canadian citizen.

Canadian law enforcement tracked Keating from a past DUII arrest in Canada. Further investigation revealed she had been arrested several times in Canada, including an impaired driving conviction. With this break, her fingerprints were compared with those on record for Jean Keating in Oregon and a match was confirmed.

She was arrested, eventually deported, and is now awaiting trial in Linn County.