Suspect Denies Sniper Attack Plans

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – After nearly a year in jail, a Grants Pass man changes his plea to guilty, admitting to bringing weapons onto the Grants Pass High School campus. Just hours after admitting that guilt, he is being let out of jail.

27-year-old Rafael Amoroso has been in the Josephine County Jail since October on charges of having a firearm near a school, while on a controlled substance. After that initial DUII stop, investigators searched his home and car, finding multiple firearms, ammunition, a silencer, how-to books on making bombs and body armor.

Investigators also found a novel about a rogue federal agent who opens fire on a football game in Amoroso’s car, hours after a Grants Pass High School football game. They worried he planned a copycat attack.

After pleading guilty in court today, the prosecuting attorney fought to keep him in jail till sentencing. She argued that prior doctor reports indicated that Amoroso had bottled up emotions and needed mental treatment.

Amoroso’s attorney argued by releasing him, he could begin to get mental treatment and receive support from his family. The judge agreed and has released Amoroso from jail until his sentencing in October. He could serve up to 15 years behind bars.