Survey: Latino’s Opinion about Police

Medford PoliceMEDFORD, Ore. — A survey is hoping to get the Latino community’s honest opinion about the Medford Police Department.

City officials say they anticipate language and cultural barriers but are hoping to clear up misperceptions. The survey is not completed yet. Officials are still coming up with a list of questions and ways to pull an accurate pool. They want to make sure the results are valid and give an accurate representation of the Latino community in Medford.

“I think sometimes people want to pigeonhole the Latino community living in certain neighborhoods or side of town and that’s really not the case. We have neighbors, co-workers and colleagues that may be of Latino descent that live all over the city,” explained Deputy Chief Tim Doney.

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  1. David Feldman says:

    The lazy cops in this town are a disgrace to law enforcement in general. That said, police have become so militarized that these wannabe tough guys now run around with SWAT gear, eager to dish out as much violence as they think they can get away with. I despise the police, I unfortunately fear them, when I should feel more safe when they’re around. I don’t trust cops, I don’t like cops, I won’t talk to cops, and I’m glad people like the MarkedGuardian on YouTube and other “Open Carry Movement” people exercise their rights and put these ignorant cops in their place. They think they’re above the law and think they’re more important or more valuable as human beings than any other person. I can tell you they are not.

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