Two Men Arrested for Multiple Burglaries

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Two burglars suspected of stealing from several stores from December to early January are caught and behind bars.

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety says 32 year-old Brian Shipman and 21 year-old Adam Herrera stole from seven victims. Police say Salvador Corona is one of those victims. He operates Super Mini-Mart store on Redwood Avenue in Grants Pass. It was videos from his surveillance cameras that gave police a lead in the cases. In the surveillance video, police say Shipman and Herrera drove up to the store and broke through the glass door with a mallet.

“30 seconds, less than 30 seconds, they took the ATM to the street. They loaded it into the car, into the backseat and that was that,” said Corona.

Officers say this was one of several methods they used to burglarize stores.

“They did damage the building, and in some cases rammed the doors with their cars, other cases, hooked cables and ropes to the doors. They were able to make entry into two of the buildings. It’s fairly unusual, some folks are pretty ingenious as far as how they choose to get inside the stores,” said Grants Pass Department of Public Safety deputy chief Jeff Geddings.

Since the incident, Corona has replaced the ATM in his store and now that the two suspects are in jail he can make light of the situation.

“I’d like to hire them. On two conditions. One, to pull an ATM out of a business in 8 seconds. And the other condition was to please, if you are going to get an ATM, give me one with a lot of money,” said Corona.

Corona also says he plans to join ‘Securing Our Safety,’ a group that started after the failed criminal justice tax levy. Members are trying to find solutions to restore public safety in Josephine County.