Support Key in Sexual Assault Response

SARTMEDFORD, Ore. – Members of the Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) say there can be a number of obstacles that can prevent victims from reporting those crimes, and that’s why they want to make sure trained nurses and advocates are available to those victims as soon as possible.

SART Director Susan Moen explained that victims can receive a free sexual assault exam at any local hospital, and those services are available 24 hours per day. Victims can meet confidentially with a trained sexual assault nurse examiner, and meet with a Community Works advocate to help them through what to do next.

Moen said it’s important to provide that guidance and support, because some victims can be hesitant to report the crime to police.

“Unfortunately there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about sexual assault and about survivors of sexual assault,” she said. “So we know that making the decision to report can be very difficult.”

Moen said the advocates work with victims to help them make the decision on their own about whether to report the crime or how to move ahead. No one from law enforcement is called by the SART team unless the victim agrees.

For more information on the SART team, call 541-779-4357.

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  1. Survivor says:

    I know from personal experience the incredible support of the SART organization. I would not have been able to deal without their guidance and support. This is a much-need organization and the values are boundless, both in getting through the initial experiences and all the fallout and aftermath.

    I believe people in general need to become more educated about sexual assault and the myths and misconceptions surrounding it. I know of many who are hesitant to report, but I will say that for myself I reported immediately, and the rapist was caught and imprisoned for many years.

    I encourage ANYONE who has been sexually assaulted to please get help and guidance from SART. It is an amazingly supportive program and will bring you peace of mind and a safe haven.

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