Superintendent Faces Misconduct Charges

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — The Eagle Point School Board said it will pay the legal fees as the superintendent faces misconduct charges.

Cynda Rickert is being accused of replacing licensed school counselors with unlicensed staff. Those charges came from the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission.

The board is required to pay the legal fees, which could be more than $4,000; that money will come out of the district’s legal fund. The district says all of its counselors are licensed, and other academic advisers do not perform work that requires a license.

“They do scheduling, they do other duties that they’re able to do, but at no point do they venture into duties that you have to have a licensed counselor for,” said H.R. Director Allen Barber.

Rickert is scheduled to have a hearing with the TSPC.

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  1. Jan Bowman says:

    I wouldn’t trust any administrator in the Eagle Point School District. Most of them have been around so long they’re older than dirt. As for the superintendant….she’s on a power trip and will do as she darn well pleases. I wonder how long it took her to cook the books on the qualifications on thos counselors she hired. That can be done and I wouldn’t put it past her.

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