Sunny & Mild Sunday, Showers Next Week

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Temperatures Saturday climbed well above average, flirting and breaking records again across the area. Medford broke the record high from 2005 of 62, climbing to 65 at the airport. Into Sunday, the record high is 62 from 1961 & 1924!! This is definitely not out of reach, as the second half of the weekend is going to closely resemble Saturday. The very dry air mass in place will also limit morning fog to mainly the Umpqua Basin and Grants Pass area.

Into Monday though, the first of several storms will attempt to bring precipitation to our area. This will be a warm front later in the day for the Coast, around 4 & 5 o’clock, and then later Monday night for inland areas and just isolated activity for the East Side. Snow levels will remain high so this will all be in the form of rain. Showers will be ongoing through Monday night and into Tuesday morning. Given the dry air over the region, it’s likely that some of the rain that falls will evaporate before reaching the ground.

There is hope though, because several more systems will follow. Another area of low pressure will move into the area for Wednesday, continuing the chance for showers across the area. Through the end of the week two more disturbances will head our way, but the timing and intensity still remains uncertain at this time. Being that the past few months have been so dry, I am hesitant to add these showers to the forecast for Thursday & Friday just yet but it’s certainly worth a mention that a little bit of shower activity is on the horizon.

Into the end of the week cold air will move in, mainly into Saturday. This could drop snow levels down to about 2,000′ and any moisture would bring snow to the mountains. However, all of the storms through the week still lack some good intensity and significant rainfall/snow.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese