Sunny & Hot With Patchy Smoke

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Another quiet day is ahead with clear skies and warm temperatures. A few clouds will hug the coastline early, but expect these clouds to clear out into mid-morning leading to sunny skies. We’ll be in the 80’s again in Brookings into Midday, but should cool down throughout the afternoon as the winds shift. The timing of this will determine how warm it gets.

Winds will pick up into early afternoon across all locations. Winds will be out of the North, Northwest today …which will allow smoke to filter into Northern Klamath & Lake Counties and also portions of the Cascades. The Valley should not have as much smoke as Sunday for this reason.

The overall temperature trend over the work week is a cool pattern. We’ll shave off between 5 and 7 degrees from high temperatures today. Still, temperatures will stay warm and dry weather will be ongoing.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese