Sunny & Hot for Second Half of Weekend

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The weather continues to remain very inactive. Offshore winds are keeping Brookings very warm for a fourth day in a row. Fire weather warnings are in effect through 9pm Saturday evening and will likely go into effect again on Sunday. Humidities are low and winds strong; under this weather pattern, you can expect the same conditions through Monday.

This means that if a fire were to start, it would spread rapidly. It also means that fires could start very easily and the public should be cautious of certain activities. Use caution operating power tools outdoors, avoid starting campfires, do not drive over dry grass, stow trailer chains properly, avoid yard work or welding near dry grass and be careful with objects that could spark.

Highs are going to remain in the 80’s in Brookings & 60’s elsewhere along the Coast these next few days. Inland, high’s will be near 90 across the valleys and the low to mid 80’s east of the Cascades. The offshore wind will come to an end by Wednesday which will then bring cooler temperatures to Brookings and more moisture to inland areas.

A cooling trend will begin towards the end of next week, but dry weather is still anticipated. A few clouds should be moving in towards week’s end as well.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese