Sun-Blocking Wardrobe

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ASHLAND, Ore. – The cool down we’re expecting this week doesn’t mean there’s a break from the potential for sunburns.

Experts say many times the coolest days of the summer are the ones people experience the worst damage from harmful ultraviolet rays (UV). While the SPF in sunscreen is a well-known form of protection, UPF, or Ultraviolet Protection Factor is another way to shield yourself from the sun. Travel experts say UPF is gaining momentum in activewear because it offers nearly 100 percent protection from UV rays.

“Say you forget to put sunscreen on. That can easily happen, but if you’ve got the sunscreen or the sun protection I should, say woven right into your clothing, that’s going to protect you and you really haven’t even thought about it,” Travel Essentials owner Nancy Bestor said.

UPF is on a scale just like SPF lotions, 30 being the lowest up to 50 plus. UPF can be found in hats and scarf accessories as well.