Summer Roadwork In Jackson County

By Ron Brown

NEAR CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Jackson County has two projects going on that should make roads safer. After years of planning, work is finally underway on a project to straighten a series of curves on Blackwell Road, north of Central Point. Often known as dead man’s curve, the new alignment should make it a lot easier to navigate.

“What the proposed project does is it takes out 3 corners and redesigns into one continuous sweeping corner that’s designed for current highway speeds, and should be much safer,” explains Jackson County Roads & Parks Director John Vial.

That’s a half million-dollar project. Meanwhile, project in White City takes out two 90-degree corners near the old Kodak and 3-M plant. When it’s done, that road will be turned over to ODOT to become a connector for Highway 140 between White City and I-5.

The Blackwell road project is for slightly more than a half million dollars. The Kirtland Road-Pacific Avenue-Avenue “G” Project in White City is billed at about $1.1 million. Both should be done by this fall.