Summer-like, with T-Storms Developing

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An offshore flow, otherwise known as the Chetco Effect, effortlessly warmed Brookings this afternoon. Afternoon highs peaked in the low 90’s!

These are the warmest temperatures we have seen thus far in Southern Oregon. It was the warmest day of the year in Klamath Falls and Medford as well, with temperatures in the upper 70’s and 80’s!

Warm conditions will carry into Saturday, especially along the Coastline with the offshore flow continuing. With the low humidity’s we have been seeing a very dry heat across the viewing area, however this will slowly change into the second half of the week and more specifically next week.

Overall moisture content will begin rising Sunday, and isolated thunderstorms are in the forecast. With humidity’s still fairly low Sunday, dry lightning is a concern. Lightning of course cannot happen without a thunderstorm and when moisture presence is limited, precipitation will fail to reach the ground as it passes through dry air or a very limited amount (typically less than a tenth of an inch) will fall. These conditions are hazardous for wildfires and after the past dry week, and dry Spring in general, this is something that will be monitored very closely.

By Monday an upper level low, combined with two other disturbances, will continue our threat for potential thunderstorms. Humidity will still be rising so light showers are a possibility, however dry lightning may still be an issue for some locations into Monday as well.

The chance for thundershowers will remain through Wednesday before high pressure again moves back in.


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  1. James Walker says:

    Good morning. Noticed that the 7-day outlook is missing? Can it come back please? thanks

  2. rob Walker says:

    Dan I am a follower and appreciate your segment nightly, I am about to cut hay and am concerned about rain. I live in the Ruch area in the Applegate. What is the latest forcast about rain and quantity for the next 10 days I would sure appreciate a little more regular attention to weather detail about our weather out here. The Applegate weather is different than the rest of our area. Thanks for the GREAT JOB it is appreciated. Rob

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