Summer-Like Today, Winter-Like To Follow

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A ridge and thermal trough will bring summer-like temperatures this afternoon, abundant sunshine, and even the Chetco Effect at the coast warming Brookings up more than the rest of the coast. This warm-up is short lived however as a upper low will become cut-off from the jetstream and take hold of the Pacific Northwest weather through at least Friday. The limiting factor of this system will be moisture, so expecting the chance for rain through at least early Friday but it won’t rain all every days and most areas may just see lighter showers with a mix of sunshine. What will bring the rain each day will be disturbances wrapping around the low, the timing of these are difficult to pinpoint but will be with us as long the low is present.

The big story with this storm will be the potential for snow levels to drop to 2,500 feet by Wednesday morning! This includes the Cascade passes and potentially down to Sexton Summit in heavier showers. Since we’ve been on the warm side and with higher sun angles, any snow that accumulates shouldn’t linger more than a few hours. Starting Tuesday night be prepared for winter travel if you’re headed over the passes and this may be the story at times through Friday morning.

As of now Memorial Day weekend is looking drier and warmer with seasonable temperatures, mid-70s for west side valleys and mid to upper-60s east of the Cascades. When it comes to cut-off lows though, things can change quickly since it won’t be following the westerlies it will linger until it is caught back up by the jetstream. Based on weather models at this time I’m giving it four days to head east and return more sunshine by Saturday.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry