Summer-Like Feel Monday

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I first want to mention the severe weather across the Midwest. Very strong thunderstorms along with, as of 8 p.m. Sunday — 26 tornadoes, have touched down this afternoon and evening across portions of Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. Just near Oklahoma City, and specifically Shawnee, a massive and strong tornado has flattened homes and caused extensive damage. Thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost their homes, vehicles, businesses, and more. As of now one death has been reported, however I’m sure the death toll will rise. Unfortunately, more severe weather is expected into tomorrow.

Fortunately, the NW is not in a similar situation! In fact, high pressure is bringing just the opposite. Afternoon highs were considerably warmer for most areas compared to Saturday. The same scenario is expected into Monday. Temperatures will again warm an additional ten degrees. Inland areas will have afternoon highs in the 80’s, and the forecast high for Happy Camp is in the low 90’s! I’m calling for 70’s on the East Side.

A sudden change will occur by Tuesday as a very strong and deep area of low pressure, a cut-off low we call this, moves in from the Northwest. This system is going to linger across the region through the entire remainder of the week. Heavy and measurable rain will fall along the Coast. This will move further inland throughout the course of Tuesday, and finally the East Side by Wednesday. The major concern is going to be temperatures, which will drop to well below average for the end of May. This very cold air mass is going to allow for snow levels to plummet as well. By Wednesday morning levels will be around 2,500′ and potentially lower during times of heavy precipitation. This could be a problem for passes and the morning commute. Because ground levels are warm any snow that does fall in lower elevations will not stick very long. However, the higher terrain, especially areas where snow is still lingering, will see that snow hold together much longer.

More details will come as the storm nears, and certainty among the forecast increases.

Have a great week!

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese