Summer Events Bring in Business

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JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Friday night, the duo Montgomery Gentry performed for thousands at Britt fest.

Shops and bars in Jacksonville benefit when the Britt festival is booming. When the smoke blanketed Southern Oregon last year, the crowds and their cash stayed away.

The Britt Fesstival in Jacksonville and Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, combined with the growing wine industry, keep the summer season busy for business owners.

In addition to the successful events themselves, almost all businesses around the key venues like the Britt Stage or the Elizabethan Theatre say they see significant spikes in business on event nights. S

ome businesses even claim four times more customers on evening of concerts or performances compared to other nights.

While some businesses see the boost as a nice bonus, other businesses say they rely on the extra funds.

“In a normal night, it doesn’t get this busy too early, it gets busy later. with Britt going on we get the before Britt parties and after Britt parties,” said Joe Arena, a business owner in Jacksonville.
The crowds were good tonight so getting a manager or an owner to take time away from customers was a challenge but Jacksonville businesses also say the crowds depend on what acts are performing.

Bars and wineries tend to do better when big name bands come to town but some restaurants say they do better on nights with classical music acts.