Suicide Stand Off Leads to Evacuations

MEDFORD, Ore. — PoliceĀ receivedĀ a report about a possibly armed and suicidal Medford man in his place of residence on Wednesday afternoon. More than a dozen children from a daycare across the street were rushed into a swat vehicle as a result.

When police arrived on the scene they became in contact with a family member who resides in the man’s house, who shared his history of mental illness. The 63-year old man is reportedly a war veteran and was in his home alone, with access to as many as six firearms.

Because of the close proximity and potential danger the situation posed, 13 children were escorted out of the daycare across from the man’s home and taken away from the scene by an armored vehicle. They were later reunited safely with their parents. Other adjoining residences were evacuated as well.

The man was believed to be inside the residence alone. Officers trained in crisis negotiation attempted to contact the man by phone but had no success. Officers also attempted contact with the man through a loud speaker but this was unsuccessful as well. A mental health case worker was able to respond to the scene and assist police.

After some time, officials then breached a door and deployed a tactical robot. The robot was able to locate the involved man inside the home, who then began communicating with officers on scene. Officers entered the residence and took the male into protective custody without further incident.

The man was transported to Rogue Regional Medical Center to be seen by a mental health specialist. There were no criminal charges. Officers seized the six guns from the residence for safekeeping, and the man’s name is not being released at this time.