Suicide Prevention Training Wraps Up

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MEDFORD, Ore. — On Saturdays, you can find Tyrone McDonald at the Life Track studio in Medford helping kids express what they’re feeling by using art.

“Wrap around services are the best services, so  that’s what we’re trying to do here is give kids an  outlet for them to come and express their feelings  in a positive way,” said McDonald.

Friday, McDonald could be found at a suicide prevention training. He said the ideas he learned throughout the two day training will help during an immediate crisis.

“Basically first aid for suicide prevention which is an intervention into somebody who is expressing they may be suicidal,” said McDonald.

V.A. Suicide Prevention Coordinator Ben Bryan said spring can be a peak time of year for suicides, but it doesn’t take a mental health expert to help someone in need.

“Someone doesn’t have to have a mental health or a counseling background. It’s designed for someone who might be the first person to recognize someone else is at risk for suicide,” said Bryan.

Suicide prevention training is open to the public and the focus of this training was identifying the problem and talking to the impacted person.

“So, that’s where trainings  like this come in. That can be a really difficult conversation for people to have, so we help with that skill of having that conversation with someone,” Bryan.

McDonald said he will be able to take what he learned and apply it right away.

“With the skills from this training, we’ll be able to step in and do some quick intervention and make them safe for that moment and make a plan for the immediate future,” said McDonald.

The Life Track gallery has only been open for a couple of months and is a partnership between OnTrack and Life Art and is open to the public Saturdays from 11 to 1.