Subzero & Single Digit Temperatures

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One of our coldest air masses in more than 20 years is in place over the West. This is bringing temperatures will below normal, and well below zero in the Klamath Basin. At the Medford Airport, we’ve managed to drop into single digits this morning. Highs will only warm into the teens and 20’s on the East Side today and hover around freezing across the Valley.

High pressure will remain in control of the weather conditions through midweek, bringing freezing fog in the mornings and sunny skies for the afternoons. Temperatures will gradually be improving as we approach the end of the week.

The clear skies will allow for snow and ice to melt through the afternoons and refreeze at night as temperatures cool. For this reason, snowpack and ice on untreated roads is not expected to clear until the end of the week. Drive carefully on untreated roads and over the high country. Also, make sure your pipes are protected for single digit and sub-zero conditions.

A cold front will pass through Southern Oregon Thursday. Snow levels will stay fairly high — between 4,000′ & 5,000.’ This is no significant storm system and valley rain/mountain snow is anticipated.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese