Sturner Gets Second Chance at SOU

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Every young athlete has a dream to play for a certain school or team when they grow up. For Southern Oregon’s David Sturner, that school was Oregon State University. Sturner grew up in Philomath, just down the road from Corvallis. After a successful high school career, Sturner got the chance to play for the Beavers. In two years, Sturner not only was off the team, but had left basketball all together.

“It wasn’t exactly what I expected,” said Sturner. “I didn’t mind the work. I didn’t mind how much time we had to put in, but I didn’t feel like my opportunities were there and get as much of a chance as I would have liked to have. There it was a little more, I wasn’t sure what was expected of me and that was hard.”

Sturner stayed at Oregon State for two more years after he had left the team. Last season, the raiders began pursuing Sturner to get him back into basketball and on the SOU roster. After spending some time weighing his options, Sturner decided to give his basketball career as second chance at SOU. Now, a fifth-year junior, Sturner is averaging 13 points per game and leads the Raiders in rebounds.

“I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect because i hadn’t played in two years but it’s coming together,” said Sturner. “The way the team plays and the guys, it’s been a great experience. I’m really glad i made a decision to come here.'”

“He’s just been wonderful to have, said SOU head coach Brian McDermott. “He’s fit right in right from the start. You get no ego, not attitude, he just does what you ask him to do and I’d take 100 of him.”