Study: Football Tackles Impact Brain

MEDFORD, Ore. – A study published Wednesday shows men who play in the NFL are four times as likely to suffer from brain disorders, like Alzheimer’s and ALS.

Local doctors say repeated blows to the brain from fast-running tackles are dangerous no matter how long you’ve played football, but it’s most important to give the brain enough time to heal from an injury before going back out to play.

“The athlete will always want to go back into the game no matter what their feeling or experiencing so you have to look out for them,” explains Dr. Ken Buccino at the Asante Emergency Room. “So if they’re having trouble concentrating; if they’re having trouble focusing; if they’re getting sick to their stomach; they’re unable to catch their balance…those sorts of symptoms can suggest you are suffering from that.”

Max’s Law requires all coaches in Oregon schools to be trained on how to recognize and address the signs of a concussion.