Students Upset With Senior Class Funds

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. — Seniors at Eagle Point High School said over the past four years they have raised money to pay for graduation celebrations.

“We sell glow sticks at those dances, we’ve sold water, we’ve done Valagrams, we did pizza cards, and we put on prom for the senior class our junior year,” said Senior Class President, Morgan Snyder.

At Wednesday night’s school board meeting, the senior class president took a minute to voice her frustration for how those funds, she said about $8,000, are being handled.

“They have left us with barely any money to have food to say goodbye as seniors,” said Snyder.

Eagle Point Principal Tim Rupp said every dollar spent from those funds is spent on the seniors.

“We use that money to help fund a high class celebration for our students for their accomplishment of graduating from high school, and I know that all that money has been spent for that,” said Rupp.

Rupp said examples of where the funds are going include materials and services to make the graduation ceremony memorable.

“Getting programs that kids will be able to keep in a scrapbook forever rather than something that is just run on a Xerox machine,” said Rupp.

Snyder said she has no doubts the funds are being used for their graduation, she just wishes the students had more input on how they were being handled because she said very little is left for their senior bar-b-que.

“They’re making things without consulting us. As senior president, I would like to be apart of it, but they have not consulted me or any of the officers or the class,” said Snyder

Principal Rupp said he has not been approached with any concerns of the spending of the funds. The graduation ceremony for Eagle Point High School is scheduled for Friday, June 7th, at 7:30


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  1. connie says:

    When I was in school, the school paid for the graduation. Our Senior Class raised funds were ours to have a class trip, bbq, whatever we wanted to do with as a class…(within reason).

    1. Shannon says:

      This is exactly how it should be. That money is for the kids to decide what to do with. There shouldn’t be any expenses for graduation. The school already has the sound system, chairs, podium and stage. They have printers to print the programs on, not just copy machines. Sounds like a bunch of bull. This needs to be remedied for these kids ASAP. Their money is for them. If they hadn’t raised any money, would they not get a graduation? Of course they would. It is the schools job to provide for graduation. It is a budget item.

  2. B says:

    If someone that supports Eagle Point wins the Ultimate Spring BBQ Giveaway they should donate the meat for the Eagle Point senior BBQ. That’s what I would do.

  3. t. says:

    If I had a senior at Eagle Point High School I would be wanting records of where that money was spent. Graduation Ceremonies should not come out of money that the seniors have raised. I would be questioning this.

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