Students Study Crash Math

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — High school students sometimes stare at the board and wonder if they will ever need to use some of the lessons taught in their textbooks.

On Tuesday, pre-calculus students at Crater High School got the chance to apply what they have learned to something the Jackson Count Sheriff’s Office deals with regularly.

The sheriff’s office used one of their retired cars to create skid marks in the parking lot of the Jackson County Expo. Students then measured the skid marks and broke out their calculators to try and determine just how fast the car was going before slamming on the breaks.

“It gives them an application where they’re always asking the question ‘when are we ever going to use this?’, and then we get to take them out and actually show them people in the real world who do use it on a daily or weekly basis,” said pre-calculus teacher Joey Leroy.

School officials say more hands-on activities using pre-calculus and the sheriff’s office are in the works for the remaining school year.