Students Return To Crater High

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Students are back in class at Crater High School after a water main burst shut down its Renaissance Academy, one of three buildings on campus, for roughly a week.

The Renaissance Academy that students and teachers are returning to isn’t the same as the one they left behind. While most of the damage is fully repaired, the school has been forced to use the temporary structures for several of its classes.

They also had to move the Renaissance Academy lobby to the Performing Arts building, and have even started using the cafeteria for classes, but Spanish teacher Lori Leedy, one of the teachers at the school whose classroom was displaced, says that the transition has been well-handled.

“You know, it was kind of sad to go in and see your classroom torn apart, but the people we had here working, they were amazing and they were really kind and gentle with all my things and just labeled the things that I needed to take and just brought them over here for me. It was all waiting for me,” said Leedy.

Students and teachers were briefed on the condition of the school in an assembly this morning, many say they are just excited to be back. Temporary setups to replace damaged classrooms will be at crater high for at least two months, and maybe as much as a year, depending on the speed of repairs. In the meantime, it is still uncertain whether or not the week long hiatus will be made up at the end of the year.