Students Make Strike T-Shirts

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A group of students at South Medford High School say they’re using what they learned in government class to support their teachers.

Seven students marked up white t-shirts with the names of their teachers. Some carried sharpies around the picket lines to ask strike supporters for more names.

Others got their shirts ready last night, along with Twitter hashtags like #ISupportMyTeacher. The leader of the group says they learned about the right to free speech before the strike.

“It’s kind of our way of using the amendment, instead of doing something that would’ve been disrespectful I guess,” said South Medford student Jordin Kinler.

Jordin Kinler says the teachers aren’t just his instructors, he says they’re more like family to him.

The group wasn’t sure if they would be allowed to attend school, since their shirts were clearly in support of the strike. They walked in this morning, and said if they weren’t allowed to keep their shirts, they would not attend class today.


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  1. codi Gossman says:

    The kids were not allowed to go to class with the shirts on

    1. irishsmile says:

      Good. In the past employees that were involved in Public Safety like law enforcement and fire services were barred from striking.relating to the public good: Guess the kids don’t count.

  2. Tonya Lee says:

    These kids where told they had to take the shirts off or leave because it’s intimidating to the substitutes! The substitutes knew what they where getting into when they agreed to substitute and to not allow these kids their right to freedom of SPEACH and not be heard is wrong! There is nothing in the schools dress code that says they can not wear them. They are not offensive, gang related nor intimidating. These substitutes need to grow up! Also, some of the “substitutes” aren’t even educated for teaching. 549C is a disgrace!

    1. Shawn says:

      Tonya Lee, all of the substitutes are “educated” for teaching and all have an Oregon Teaching License.

    2. Bileven says:

      @Tonya Lee.. some of these substitutes were not given an option. Yeah, they knew what to expect, but how are they part of the negotiating?

      Should someone be allowed to be bullied, just because you support the opposition?

      Should students be taught, by action, that it’s OK to harass someone? The teachers are not negotiating their contract with the substitutes, so any action taken on them would be the definition of being a bully.

      Given that some of them were told if they refused to be there, they would be removed from the School Districts Sub list permanently. Most of them fully support the Striking Teachers!

  3. Mike says:

    Please Tonya Lee give it a rest from the Propoganda you are spewing.
    The subs are everybit as educated and require the same “papers” that they spent 50k to get as SOU and went through all the training the striking teachers did. There is no difference between them. I support the subs and their ability to make a living because it’s nealy impossible to get a teaching job in the rogue valley so you have to sub to feed your family! They have all gotten called by the corrupt Teachers Union and were tried to be intimidated to not cross the picket lines but it didn’t work because they needed to feed their family.

    Teachers make and are already compensated so much better than most of us that work in the rogue valley and make 105K with their lavish benefits included. I say get back to work and BE THANKFUL you have a job on the taxpayer dime and get summers off and get back to work or be replaced. The worst thing that ever happened is to unionize teachers and public employees and you wonder why we are so deep in debt and the taxes keep getting raised. Enough is enough

    1. Jim Fish says:

      I’m with you on this one get back to work or get replaced. I have been getting harassing emails from the medford parents and teachers organization. Telling me to pull my child out of school.To stand with the teachers.my child is not a pawn in this.It is my right to send my child not this so called organization. You have crossed the line to many times.Back off for go find work elsewhere. These teachers have better benefits then most of us in the valley with similar degrees.

  4. Joshua Phair says:

    Hey Everybody,

    Tonya has a right to say what she feels, even if it may be uninformed or you do not agree with it. The students had a right to wear the shirts. They have a right to use their voice. Good for them. Shame on the teachers and School District for not being adults enough to sit down and throw out their petty differences long enough to realize that they have been entrusted with a stewardship. We have too long entrusted the care of our youth to people who think first of financial compensation. This is why I am 100% advocating people to either home school or move to privatize education.

    I know this rubs people wrong, especially those who are looking for handouts or think that education is somehow a basic right (which constitutionally it is not).

    Here, is the deal. I hate all talk about bullying. There is too much protection going on. Life is tough and it is going to give you bumps. Students wearing shirts in supports of their teachers should not intimidate a teacher. It is my opinion, which I have the right to have, that they shouldn’t be allowed to teach if they are so insecure about their abilities as a person that they cannot handle being seeing someone support someone else without immediately thinking it has to do with them.

    You, speaking to the subs, the teachers, the district, and anyone else who is sooo offended by this, are not the center of the universe. Not everything is about you. Just because a student supports their full-time teacher, does not mean they are against the part time teachers.

    The way this whole mess has been handled is childish.

    In my opinion, every decision maker in the school district should be asked to come in and renegotiate fairly as should the teachers.. ANYONE refusing to do so should be replaced. ON BOTH SIDES OF THE TABLE.

    Furthermore, if the school is doing something that you don’t agree with, find another solution and quickly. I cannot believe that this is what they are teaching in what I used to believe was my home state, and home town. I officially disown you.

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