Students Help Residents See Clearly

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GRANTS PASS Ore. — On Saturday, Josephine County residents had the chance to pick out a pair of frames and correct their vision, all for no cost. Marty Sether said his vision had become a little blurry¬†lately.

“Just you know, the standard old age trouble. As you get older, things change and it pays to get it checked out from time to time,” said Sether.

Eye clinic organizers thought through how to make an impact on the people who who can’t afford to correct their vision.

“There’s those people that got caught in between. They don’t have insurance, but they also don’t have Oregon Health Plan, and that was our real focus,” said Josephine County Foundation Vice President Rilynn Hansen.

The event was put on by the Josephine County Foundation and Hidden Valley High School students. Josephine County Foundation President and Hidden Valley senior Cedar Wilkening said the clinic’s volunteers are all fellow students and trained for weeks to ensure they were prepared for their tasks.

“They are really good at what they do. We’ve been training them for weeks, they’ve been helping us through this whole process, they know exactly what they need to do at each station,” said Wilkening.

In case a person has a prescription that isn’t on hand, the foundation will make sure they get a pair of glasses.

“Everyone who comes here, we’re going to guarantee that we will get them a pair of glasses. We’ve had six referrals which means we’re going to take them to a doctor and pay for the glasses that fit them,” said Foundation Treasurer Morgan Hansen.

Sether said he was glad to see the community come together to lend a helping hand.

“It’s great to see the cooperation from the professionals all the way down to the high school level. Just a good community effort all the way around,” said Sether.