Student Writes Letter To Superintendent

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The talks of a potential strike has some of the most impacted people speaking out–the students.

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School fourth grader Colette Henry loves going to school and has only missed two days in the past four years. She said some of her classmates are excited for a strike, thinking it will lead to easy days in the classroom. She, on the other hand, hopes school will go on, and decided to write to superintendent long in hopes an agreement would be reached. Colette’s favorite subject is math and she used those skills in proposing the best way to make a deal — meeting in the middle.

“If you think about what I’ve said, you might make very many people happy. Thank you for reading my idea and hopefully thinking about it in making your final decision,” said Henry as she read from her letter.

Superintendent Long said he appreciated the thoughtful letter and will carry it with him until an agreement.

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  1. Fred says:

    Yep let the 4th grader decide a complex economic issue. That’s like having the teachers union decide.

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