Student Shaves Head For Leukemia

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. — This morning, a 10-year-old Eagle Point student shaved her head to support a friend with leukemia.

Today started off like any other day at Eagle Rock Elementary school.  Teachers and students made announcements and shared presentations.  At the end of the assembly Kaylinn walked up to the front and told the school she would be cutting off all of her hair for her friend Natalie. She says her parents completely support her big decision.

“They said that it was an amazing great deed, and they said that I was really brave, and so did everybody in my class,” said Eagle Rock Elementary Kaylinn Belcaspro.

Kaylinn and Natalie have been friends for two years.  Kaylinn’s parents are starting a fundraiser to help with Natalie’s medical expenses.  Administrators say this is a great kick-off for to the school’s “lift-up” week that starts next week.