Student Firefighters Learn Techniques

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Dozens of Rogue Community College students learned critical techniques to fight fires. The new program utilizes instructors from different fire agencies across the Rogue Valley.

Student firefighters were sectioned off into groups. Continuing their training with instructors in Grants Pass and Medford, student firefighters practiced going over survival and rescue techniques in Grants Pass.

The students are packing on well over 60 pounds of gear and learned how to remove a person out a basement, out of a window and ladder. Instructors from various fire agencies across the rogue valley are teaching the students in the 11 week course.

“It’s really an incredible experience, because much of this is first hand knowledge that you have to get,” said student firefighter Jonathan Fabich. “There’s a lot that you can’t get when you just read, you have to experience it and it teaches us decision making we have to be able to do in split seconds.”

At Fire Station 6 in Medford, student firefighters continued training, practicing techniques to navigate through a shipping container. Students said they’re able to have more practice with various class depending on how they work their schedule.