Student Discusses First Day Back

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Teachers lined the sidewalks as students returned to class. However, some students arrived with low expectations before the day even began.

“I was expecting the worst, and it turned out exactly how I’d expected,” said South Medford Junior Pascal Brasseur.

Brasseur described the first day back to school as “hectic” and “unorganized.”  When he arrived at school around 8:30 Tuesday morning he was given a slip of paper with his class schedule.  However, it only listed the core classes — none of his advanced placement courses.

“You just went to a class… it could have been any English class… it didn’t matter… they just sent you to a class,” said Brasseur.

While some classes only had a few students, others were filled to maximum capacity.  This left students overflowing into the hall ways with nowhere to go.

“Some classes I saw students sitting on the floor… sitting on side counters because there wasn’t seats,” said Brasseur.

When asked — the Medford School District admitted to classroom overcrowding, and said more students showed up than expected.

“We will adjust because we do that in our regular program… we will shift substitutes where we need them and we will work to rebalance classes if some of them are large today,” said Medford School District Superintendent, Dr. Phil Long.

The school district said it did run into trouble when a couple of substitutes did not show up this morning.  Brasseur experienced this first-hand.

“I waited outside of a class for 15 minutes that a sub never showed up to,” said Brasseur.

Finally a district official rerouted Brasseur to another class where he was handed a homework packet, that he said was completely pointless.

“They are handing out packets saying do them and that’s it,” he said. “They don’t check to make sure.. they just hand it and say do it.”

When asked if he would return to school the next day, Brasseur said he could learn better teaching himself, and did not plan on returning.

“I won’t… I honestly probably won’t,” he said. “There’s no point.”


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  1. Winone says:

    Has anyone asked the school district if they have enough subs to even safely and effectively be keeping school in session? From what I’ve observed, I don’t think reopening schools was a safe or realistic choice.

    1. mznascar says:

      If the Union wasn’t involved, none of this turmoil would be happening! Please tell me: Why on earth do teachers need a Union?? Are they so mistreated and overworked? I just don’t get it! Unions should not be involved with public money, period! It is their greed affecting our children’s lives! NOT RIGHT!!

  2. Tom says:

    I note a resemblance to Mr. Real Brasseur, a teacher for the Medford School district. Perhaps the next time Pascal is interviewed, a reporter could ask him what his father does for a living?

    1. Hank says:

      As if that diminishes his credibility?

      1. Laurie says:

        I’m not sure why his did being a teacher (if indeed he is) would have any effect on the content of this story. That fact that maybe they interviewed someone who is related to a striking teacher doesn’t change the facts presented- overcrowding, disorganization, and a feeling that showing up is pointless. These are observations that have been expressed in pretty much every article on the topic, regardless of the souce.

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