Studded Tires Bill Proposed

SALEM, Ore. — As winter weather hit high elevations over Sunday night, drivers were required to carry chains on the Siskiyou Summit. Drivers with studded tires don’t have to think twice when restrictions go into place, but that could soon change.

Studded tires are a big seller during the winter season for some businesses but a couple of bills proposed in Salem could impact the number of consumer and price of studded tires. The most recent statistics from the Oregon Department of Transportation show that studded tires cause about $40 million worth of damage annually to streets, roads and highways.

One proposed bill in Salem would add a $10 fee on per tire when studded tires are purchased. Another bill would require a permit to use the traction tires. Every year, O-DOT has a deadline in the spring when all studded tires must be taken off. After that deadline a traffic violation with a minimum fine of $150 is issued.