Fire Destroys Mobile Homes

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Flames rip through a trio of mobile homes in Central Point. Crews say the intense heat and flames nearly spread to homes and brush nearby.

Firefighters say they had to battle large flames in this area on Gregory Road, when a fire started in a shed, and spread to three mobile homes. Thick smoke filled the air and choked Gregory Road on Thursday as fire crews battled a fire that engulfed 3 trailers and left three families displaced, but unhurt

“That quickly spread to the other units. One unit is heavily damaged, the other two have damage, you might call it significant,” Fire District 3 Dan Petersen

The risks were high. Homes are packed together tightly in the area, and the intense heat had neighbors worried it would spread to trees and dry grass.

“It’s filthy dry,” says neighbor Brian Van Hoose. “I try to keep it wet, but it’s been 108 degrees for three weeks […] That was my biggest concern, that the trees would catch.”

Crews from multiple agencies joined the fight, and the Oregon Department of Forestry quickly disposed of seven spot fires in nearby fields and an intense firefight stopped the flames from jumping to nearby homes. Now the attention turns to how such a powerful fire was able to spark in the first place. Fire crews say they don’t know exactly how the fire started in the shed, but said the cause is still under investigation.