Structural Protection in Place for Homes

rogue river fire

NEAR SHADY COVE, Ore. – Level three evacuations have been downgraded to level one on the Rogue River Drive Fire, but that doesn’t mean residents are out of the woods just yet. About 130 homeowners remained under evacuation advisories Wednesday.

While a few have expressed a desire to stay no matter what, most say they’re already packed and ready to leave their homes behind should an order be given.

“Common sense says you get out of here,” said homeowner Larry Weimer. “Yea, I would leave.”

On Wednesday morning the governor invoked the Emergency Conflagration Act, allowing the State Fire Marshall’s Office to call in task forces from the around the state to protect structures. But unexpectedly wet weather made that job unexpectedly easy.

After meeting with homeowners and inspecting some rain-drenched properties, the Fire Marshall’s Office decided it was safe enough to withdraw.

“We feel very comfortable that we can turn it back to local resources, either the Department of Forestry or the local fire districts,” said Mariana Ruiz-Temple, the Assistant Chief Deputy with the Oregon State Fire Marshall’s Office.

But despite that good fortune, firefighters say they aren’t resting easy until they’re positive the fire has been put to bed.

And Ruiz-Temple says homeowners should do the same.

“We still want people to be ready and be prepared,” said Ruiz-Temple. “We don’t know what the weather will be doing in the next couple of days.”

Level one evacuation advisories remain in effect for residents on Rogue River Drive from the 3,000 block to Rhodes Lane. Advisories are also in place for those on Kitty Lane, Osprey Drive, Greenleaf Drive, and Colfax Way.

Although the State Fire Marshall’s office has left, Fire District Three, Fire District Four, and ODF will continue to provide structural protection for residents under evacuation advisories.