Strong Storms Arrive Today

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The first front will be moving through the region today bringing rain and winds with it. The heaviest rain and winds will be in northern California today and in Curry and Coos county, but winds will be the story across all of our area today. Strongest wind gusts so far have been at Squaw Peak, with the strongest at 90 mph and Crescent City reported 77 mph wind gust, those are hurricane strength wind gusts! The strongest so far has been in Mt. Shasta at 158 mph, that’s a category five hurricane wind gust! Strong winds will be with us today with several watches and warnings in effect, the video on the home page shares a quick look at the weather hazards in the area today.

With all the rain we’ll see over the next several days means that flooding of local streams, creeks, and rivers is likely and thus the National Weather Service has issued a Flood Watch that will go into effect tomorrow for Curry, Coos, Josephine, Siskiyou, Jackson and west Klamath counties.

This is going to be a strong storm system that will bring heavy rain and winds to the area through the weekend and should not be taken lightly. Be weather prepared and weather aware over the next several days because flooding, debris, structure damage, and power outages area all possibilities during these storms. Check road conditions before heading out and be prepared for road hazards, and be prepared for power outages by having plenty of batteries, water, a flashlight and a way to stay warm if power is out in the overnight. Find out more on what you should have at home for power outages here, and on the weather page watch the winter weather special segment on travel safety to find out what you should have in your vehicle.

I’ll be updating my Facebook and Twitter with weather and road reports and photos from the next several days. If you have a weather report or a photo you’d like to share, follow me and post them on my page!

Thanks for logging on and stay safe out there!

Meteorologist Megan Parry