Strong Fireworks Sales Reported

Firework ShopMEDFORD, Ore. — Now that the holiday is over, fireworks retailers are reporting strong sales, but they are no final tallies as many are still selling.

Discount Fireworks Superstore runs ten locations throughout the Rogue Valley. They say they’re moving around inventory to keep their mostly-empty shelves stocked.

It’s still legal to buy and sell fireworks until July 6th, and retailers say they’re looking to unload as much stock as possible before then.

“Last year I sold everything plus other people’s tents and ended up with 20 boxes. So that’s pretty good. I’m hoping I’m going to sell it all and have no boxes,” said Earnest Forsythe at Discount Fireworks Superstore.

Some retailers offer discounts over the next couple of days. Discount superstore says they’re dropping 40%. If you are still planning to buy, keep in mind officials still urge caution.

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