Stroke Survivor to Run Half-Marathon

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Running a marathon is a challenge for the average person, but for one local woman it will mean even more. That’s because just months ago, Rocio Mendoza suffered a stroke.

The 25-year-old is also a nurse at Providence Medford Medical Center. She says she suffered a stroke in September after a run. She describes being out of breath and being thirsty, but it wasn’t until her aunt and boyfriend pointed out her symptoms that she realized she was having a stroke.

“Your brain’s telling you, ‘open the door, lift your leg, walk…’ But you can’t walk. Something you don’t even think about, just going through your day, you don’t think about telling your feet to walk, ‘Move your leg, come on!'” said Mendoza.

Mendoza’s family rushed her to the hospital, which doctors say is exactly what you’re supposed to do if you start to see stroke symptoms. Due to that quick action, Mendoza has most of her abilities back, including her ability to run. She will run her first half-marathon later this month.

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