StrikeWatch: What’s Next in Negotiations

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Members of the MEA and the Medford School District spent the night on Wednesday, trying to come to an agreement. Negotiations lasted more than 20 hours until 5:59 Thursday morning. The strike officially began a minute later at 6 a.m.

Union members spent the afternoon out in the community holding signs and showing their support for teachers. The Medford School Board has declared a state of emergency, which prohibits picketing on school property and prohibits pickets from blocking school entry points.

The state of emergency also gives the superintendent authority to restrict signs and banners on district facilities. Time spent on the picket lines comes after a long night in negotiations.

“Well our teams met for 21 hours, and the district, in their supposals to us, which are confidential proposals, because that was our agreement. Would come to us with a proposal, and our team would look at it, come back to them, via the mediator, with another supposal from us with gives in there,” said Medford Education Association President Cheryl Lashley. “We want to be in our classrooms, we don’t want to be here, we want to be with our students.”

Some of the main sticking points still on the table are compensation, early retirement and health benefits. The next scheduled meeting is Saturday. The meeting starts early in the morning, but anything could happen throughout the weekend. Parents will be notified if a deal is reached over the weekend.


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  1. Santa clause says:

    I can not believe these teachers !!!! They have a job , benefits and are off 3 months out of the year. And they gripe and strike because they fell that they are not treated fairly. What is wrong with this picture????, freaking liberals are always whining about something. And why does no one want to hear the districts side ??? No wonder why this state is so messed up!

  2. Margaret Obermeyer says:

    Why the lies, Dr. Phil? The main sticking points are NOT compensation. The Association presented you with an offer that accepted ALL your proposals for compensation and insurance with a one year phase out for early retirement. Why do you not mention that? The ONLY sticking points left are working conditions—prep time most significantly. This is the issue most important to teachers. To have the time to plan, grade, give feedback, contact parents, and plan meaningful curriculum. The deceit will not serve you. It will backfire.

  3. Santa clause says:

    Has a job, benifits,, 3 months off,, yes , they are whining and greedy. They should be greatfull to have a job. If they are not happy , go somewhere else. What do u think would happen if you where working for a company and you started whining about your pay,, that you where not getting benifits and that the company is not fair. 99.9% of the company’s would tell you to take a hike!!! Again, being in a liberal state ,, you can’t get away from the people who think they are so mistreated.

  4. "Taxed to much" payers say says:

    Take what you have and be happy, I could not imagine complaining about the awful benefits and pay these teachers get! TAX PAYERS PAY THEM! We should be the ones to decide but ,instead our students are used to gain more more more more, its never enough, in this economy when so many of the parents don’t even have jobs or are scraping by. I also think its so wrong for government jobs to be unionized. Its like unions against tax payers. ?????
    And unions make it impossible for the crappy teachers to by let go so we can replace them for teachers who really want to teach and are not just putting in the time til the great retirement benefits can kick in. If these people were not teachers claiming to be all but raising everyone’s children there would be an overwhelming outrage to their whining and they would be looking for new jobs!

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