StrikeWatch: Students Walk Out

STUDENT WALK OUTMEDFORD, Ore. — Thursday marks the start of week three of the Medford teachers’ strike, and five minutes after the bell rang to start the day on Thursday, students got up from their desks and left.

Those students say they won’t be going back Thursday. Students at both high schools say they got a Facebook group message Wednesday night telling them about the walk-out. Some of the students even say more people showed up on Thursday than previous days this week, just so they could be part of the walk out.

At 8:35 a.m., about 100 students chose to leave their classrooms both at North Medford High School and at South Medford High School. Students at North say their student body president, Aaron Brown-Moore, organized the walk-out along with another student leader at South.

Students who walked out say, after two weeks with substitutes, they’re nervous about the alternate schedule becoming too normal.

“I’ve kind of been noticing the subs getting used to the rooms, like putting up and getting all these books and stuff and having it look like their room, and I kind of feel like that’s not okay,” said North Medford freshman student Brady Straub.

Many of the students at North Medford said they had permission from their parents to participate. Students say they hope the walk-out sends a message that they want the strike to end and their regular teachers back in the classroom.


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  1. Support OurChildren says:

    “Support Teachers” ??

    What should be extremely more important is to “Support Our Children”.
    The Medford teachers have modeled the behavior of… if we do not get our “DEMANDS” met we will not play. (A great example for our children.)
    We will take our ball and go home. Childish to say the least, but much more selfish.
    At one time teachers were honored and respected for the service they provided to our children. Now for a few dollars they will just throw them to the curb and walk away.
    How many of our children’s lives will be adversely affected by these teachers’ decisions.
    The athletic son or daughter will not play their sport. Any hopes of a scholarship may be lost.
    The academic daughter or son, who needs to make grades, so they might earn a scholarship for college, or even get into a college or university, may not happen.
    How many of our children will suffer for the want of a few dollars more.
    How about the borderline student, will they have any incentive to continue or just drop out altogether.
    How about the student that is trying hard, struggling to pass their courses, depending on the help of a teacher? Good luck!
    How about the Senior whose final term in public schools/high school, who had hoped for the best, now has this poor experience to keep for the rest of their lives. They do not get a “do over”.
    Their Senior experience is lost.
    Why?…For a few dollars more.
    Should teachers be paid more? Some probably have earned it, others probably have not.
    So should every teacher get more money, more benefits, more PURS, more time off…NO!
    Shame on Medford teachers for abandoning our children for a few dollars more or for not having the guts to stand up to their union bosses.

    1. Sara says:

      How effective do you think your kid’s teachers will be if they don’t get time to properly plan their lessons?

      You’ve bought into the hype about this being about money. Look at the actual proposals by the district and the union, and the only place they’re significantly apart on in compensation is retirement benefits that were *already promised* – an ethical and legal obligation the district is trying to squirm out of. The work conditions issues are far more significant.

  2. Real Talk Homie says:

    You seem like you have a lot of time on your hands, why don’t you teach your children something if you’re so worried about it?

  3. Randy Adams says:

    Real talk homie, who says this poster doesn’t teach their children something? You don’t know a thing about this person that took the time to post. They offer valid points. I’m in agreement with the thought that the students walking out did nothing to help speed up negotiations. It served only one purpose, and that was to not have to attend school.

    1. Sara says:

      Because they’re learning so much while they’re there, doing work that’s well under grade level? Because getting public support isn’t part of what makes a strike work?

      Give the teachers a contract that lets them do their job, MSD, and let the students and teachers get back to work!

  4. David Thogmartin says:

    I think this strike is the ultimate disrespect to the United States education system. Does anybody realize that on a global scale our next generation of students continues to either miss or barely rank in the top 20 among numerous areas when compared to other countries. Do teachers really think that holding signs outside is a great way to actually educate the students. Heck, the students did what the teachers did. Monkey see, monkey do. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have teachers that actually care about teaching and enriching these children’s lives. But, instead they have to selfishly go on strike leaving the students on their own and in addition costing the school district a lot of money.

    When did teaching go from caring about the student and pushing the students to do and be the best they can be to the ultimate greed and hypocrisy we are seeing on display now. I come from a small school and recently graduated high school a few years back. In our town there was never a teacher strike. Both teachers and students endured way over sized classes of 50+ students, holding classes in trailer sized rooms that sat on a platform and held too many seats than they were tables.

    My friends, that is life and what these teachers are showing is that, at least in this school district, there is no shortage of greed and lack of desire to inspire young minds. It’s a sad day when teachers give up on students.

  5. carl says:

    I think the kids should stay in school. What do they gain from walking out?? The ones that walked out should make up the time they spent outside the classroom.

  6. Brooke says:

    If it’s not about money then perhaps you ought to,get back to work!!

    It’s suppose to be about the kids, not the teachers bottom line.These teachers are making w benefits n bonus’s on the average of 100k a yr here in the valley. But they want more benefits and money. It’s an absolute joke that this is about lesson planning time! What a rues! All the while our kids are graduating w out a basic education. They have a diploma but still can’t do eighth grade algebra or spell for the most part. The school system in the USA is broken. Sadly the USA is amongst the dumbest in the world..the most powerful country in the world has some of the dumbest people. What’s wrong w this scenario?
    Get rid of tenure and hold teachers accountable for their failing students. In any other profession you get fired for failing at your job, not more money and benefits.
    Why are we not protesting the teachers for NOT doing their jobs?!?! Parents! Fight for your kids to get an education worthy of 100 k a yr! Demand it! It’s your tax money paying them!

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