StrikeWatch: MEA and District Respond

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Teacher’s Association and the school district are taking some time and resting up before for the next negotiation. After 21 hours of negotiating, a deal was not met and teachers went on strike at 6 a.m. Thursday morning.

The next bargaining session is set for 8 a.m. on Saturday. A limited number of bargainers will be there. Teachers say many of them have administrative responsibilities and have to help prepare for what happens next.

At this point, parents can plan for classes to be canceled on Monday, even if a deal is met this weekend. School is expected to resumes on Tuesday with or without teachers.


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  1. concerned citizen says:

    I have been watching this event long enough to know that both parties involved, the teachers union and the administration do not have the kids best interest in mind. Get over your pettiness and get a contract done. Teachers should be awarded increases in pay based on merit only and the administration needs to do some serious cutting of personnel at the top. Then you will have some money to work with. That’s my two cents worth take it or leave it.

    1. DN says:

      I totally agree with you, teachers should be paid by merit just like any other job, your rewarded for excellence and I know there are a lot of teachers who should be gone and many good ones who are willing and able to step up and enjoy all the pay and benefits with no complaining.
      The unions make it impossible to get rid of the bad ones, therefore our kids are stuck with ‘em and its not fair to them.

      1. OMG says:

        Unions do not prevent schools from getting rid of bad teachers. They simply require that teachers get due process before being fired. If you want to blame someone for a bad teacher being left in place, blame a lazy administrator.

  2. another concerned citizen says:

    I applaud Brian Morton for pointing out to Ms. Lashley yesterday that those of us in the private sector do not have the benefits the teachers are demanding, and in most cases do not have the salaries (including benefits) that the teachers have. Taxpayers were required to pay the 8% guaranteed return on teachers’ retirement accounts for years while our own retirement accounts were not earning money and in many cases were losing money. People in the private sector do not have 14 weeks vacation a year and MANY work far more than a 40 hour week. They also take classes on their own time and spend hours adapting to and/or implementing new computer systems or other updated systems. CPAs, as just one example, spend enormous amounts of time for months around tax time, and they do not get 14 weeks off in compensation. They accept the additional hours as part of their chosen job. I think the teachers have an unrealistic idea of what the real world is like and have a sense of entitlement that is very unbecoming to them and frustrating to taxpayers. I would hope that the people teaching our children would be more professional. To be fair, it is possible that many good teachers do not like the union’s stance on things and are uncomfortable with the demanding attitudes of union reps. I hope that is the case.

    1. Support medford teachers says:

      The annual mean wage of a Southern Oregon CPA is over $61,000. The education requirements for a CPA are a Baccalaureate degree, and to take the state exam. Education requirements for a teaching position require a masters degree (or working towards a masters) and sitting the state boards. Teachers are required to spend approximately $40-60 thousand dollars more on their education and get paid approximately $20 thousand less per year. Teachers are not being paid for the summer, they are being paid for the school year. Many teachers get an extra job in the summer. If you say that the summer months are “paid vacation”, then teachers get paid $15 an hour for a Masters level education. The reality of the situation is most teachers put in 60 hour work weeks for the time they are in school which more than makes up for their time off in the summer. If you are not making the mean average salary with a CPA license, then you should go somewhere else. Plus, if you are working as a CPA I guarantee some teacher in your past instilled your love for math, I bet you even rember their name. Put a dollar amount on that…


      1. carl says:

        Wow,,,,have had a lot of friends who are or were teachers and relatives who were teachers,,,,,,,,never did they work 60 hours a week!!

    2. Tax Payer says:

      I think a lot more people think this way in the private sector then we would be led to think. I liked how you put it.

  3. Santa clause says:

    Amen another concerned citizen!!!!!!!

  4. CenturyMom says:

    I to applaud Brian Morton for his wonderful coverage. What makes Ms. Lashley think the private sector is different, teachers are part of the private sector. Be glad they have a job that provides payment of part of their insurance and retirement. A number of peoples jobs do not cover these luxuries and they have been on their jobs for years. I realize having been a wife of a retired teacher know that additional hours become part of their job but lots of jobs require sometimes putting in additional time and getting no additional money. This is just life and if you as a teacher did not want to do this than perhaps it is time to find a new job. Everyone knows you don’t get rich being a teacher but most do it for the love of children and self gratification.

  5. OMG says:

    No teacher in the world is expecting to get rich and I’ve yet to meet a teacher who gets the summer off. There is always continuing education, summer school teaching, curriculum preparation, boards to sit on, side jobs to take on to make ends meet, and teachers are “in service” well past the time your children get out for the summer. Many people go into what they do for the love of doing it – they aren’t expected to do it for free though!

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