Teacher Strike Affects Basketball Games

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MEFORD, Ore. — Basketball games are on as scheduled for Medford high school athletes, but the same can’t be said for other games scheduled at Medford school gyms. More than 300 members of the YMCA’s youth basketball league had their games moved and rescheduled.

32 teams, each with at least ten players, will play on different courts this weekend and throughout the teachers strike. The sports director for the YMCA says at first they thought they would have to cancel the games entirely, but other schools stepped up and now the games will go on.

Medford school district officials say they had to cancel all after school activities other than scheduled Oregon school activities association sporting events due to staffing and security concerns. This includes youth basketball games put on by the YMCA at four of the district’s elementary schools. School district officials say the decision was made to prevent conflicts with the ongoing strike.

“Everything else in terms of rentals or leases or club sports or anything like that, we literally cannot staff that right now because we are focusing on the strike and trying to get our schools back open again,” said Todd Bloomquist Medford School District.

Only a handful of games are typically played at schools in Eagle Point, but because of the current situation, the school district stepped up and has opened there doors for a longer period of time on Saturday and Sunday to make sure all games can be played.

The YMCA also was able to extend their hours this weekend to accommodate the games. More than 500 children from kindergarten through sixth grade, and from Prospect to Talent, are playing basketball this season. The strike has changed game times and locations for more than half of them.