Strike Adds Minutes to Student Schedules

2-24 jbo teacher strikeMEDFORD, Ore. —┬áThe Medford teacher strike is over, but students and teachers are still dealing with the aftermath. After 11 days of teachers on the picket lines, district officials now have to find a way to make up the lost time.

At South Medford High School, students are spending an extra 8 and a 1/2 minutes at school every day until the end of the year – that’s to make up for both strike and the snow days. They also have shortened passing periods.

The Medford School District Superintendent Dr. Phil Long says every high school in the state is required to have a minimum of 990 hours of instruction time during the calendar year.

4th through 8th graders have to be in class for 900 hours. 1st through 3rd graders for 810, and 405 hours for kindergarteners, because of the differences between grades, elementary and middle schoolers won’t have to make up the time.

High school seniors have a shorter time requirement for their last year, so they’re all clear. Superintendent Phil Long says North Medford shifted their schedules earlier in January for different reasons and are on track even with the strike time.

South Medford still needs 8 and 1/2 hours, and Central Medford High is about 15 to 20 hours short. The new schedule posted on the school’s website adds 2 minutes to each class period.

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  1. Pinkerton Farmwall says:

    Why does this article refer to being called the teacher strike? I think Medford School Board forced walk out plan would be a better title. The teachers had no other options. Lets face it, the reality is instead of having a few board members and a few union members hammering out a contract in a few weeks the board decided to hire a law firm a year ago. Why we ask, simple. The board wanted to have absolute power over the district with no other input. If the board would have had their way the district would be controlled by a massage therapist, unemployed law graduate. insurance sales man, and a few others. It would seem at some time the media might delve into a behind the scenes view of what the boards intentions clearly were instead of just reporting Dr. Longs propaganda about misleading salary, students receiving “quality education” during the strike, and “qualified subs” doing a great jobs. Thanks to public twitter updates by a boards family member it was apparent of one of the board members intent. The board predetermined how long the strike was going to last. Different groups that used school facilities were notified well before strike ended that the facilities would be available on Monday of the following week. Even calendars in various district offices had that Friday circled well before strike ended. For those who are not union supporters, be thankful for the Medford Educational Union. If it was not for the union the power of the board would be as close to a monopoly or dictatorship as possible with no opposition to their personal or political agendas.

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