Stormy Rescue for Trapped Hikers

WHITE CITY, Ore. – Two girls got stuck climbing a sheer cliff face after losing the trail on the Lower Table Rock around 4:30 Saturday afternoon.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, Fire District Three, and helicopter crews from Klamath Falls managed to make the rescue just before lightning hit. The rescue wrapped up around 7:00.

Officials aren’t releasing the girls’ names. They say the girls got separated about 200-300 feet up, realized they were stuck, and sat tight after calling for help.

Crews say the girls were in stable spots when they arrived, but it was a big undertaking to perform the rescue as storms approached.

“This one took, probably, thirteen, fourteen people up top to pull this off,” said Mike Calhoun, a Fire Captain with Fire District Three. “And that was probably just meeting the minimums.”

The girls are reportedly doing fine today. They were allowed to go home shortly after visiting a local hospital.