Storms To Finish The Week

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High pressure remains over the area for most of the day allowing for fog to linger through the morning and may be dense at times, so drive slowly and safely today. By the afternoon we’ll see some sunshine before the first round of storms move in tomorrow. We’ll start to see winds pick up late this afternoon into the overnight ahead of the first system with a wind advisory in effect for tomorrow for Jackson, Klamath, Lake and Siskiyou counties and a winter weather advisory for southeast Siskiyou county for snow and wind.

Tomorrow we’ll see light to moderate rain and strong winds, on Thursday heavier rain moves into the area. All of these storms are due to a low pressure system that is going to set up off shore and send waves of energy into our region which is going to keep the storms coming through at least the weekend. With all the rain we’ll see the ground will quickly become saturated and the chance for trees to fall down will be higher when the winds start to blow. Debris on the roadways and power outages are possible as well as flooding of local streams, creeks and rivers so make sure you are weather aware the rest of this week. Prepare now by clearing up leaves and debris to prevent clogging, and have a power outage kit including batteries and a way to keep warm in case you are out of power for awhile.

I’ll be updating my Facebook and Twitter with weather and road reports during the storms so be sure to follow me if you want more information. Thanks for logging on and have a great Tuesday!

Meteorologist Megan Parry