Storms Back In The Forecast

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High pressure will sit over the region today and tomorrow which is the perfect setup after rain to see fog in the overnight and mornings, this fog may be dense at times and we’ll see freezing fog as well. Freezing fog, like freezing rain, when it touches the surface will ice creating frosty conditions which means roads may be slick.  By the afternoon both today and tomorrow we have a good chance to see the sun return to areas that haven’t seen it in awhile, we just need to clear the fog out first!

A low pressure system will set up offshore on Wednesday and will send several storm systems into our region for the rest of the week. We’ll see strong winds and moderate to heavy rainfall at times, very similar to the strong storms that just passed through our area, the main difference is where the heaviest rain will fall and how long we’ll see it linger. Most of the rain will be at the southern Oregon Coast and Siskiyou county and Del Norte county, whereas last time northern California was drier than southern Oregon. This storm system also will be bringing rain at least through the weekend, so it will last much longer meaning we have another chance for flooding by the weekend.

I’ll be updating my Facebook and Twitter during these storms with weather and road reports so be sure to follow me! Thanks for logging on and have a great Monday!

Meteorologist Megan Parry