Storm Damage Closes Wildlife Images

NEAR GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A storm last month that caused heavy damages to Wildlife Images near Grants Pass has forced the facility to remain closed until repairs can be made.

The gazebo near the park entrance was smashed, and several fences and the clinic building were damaged when several large oak trees came down in a December 21st storm involving wind, rain and snow. Wildlife Images Director, Dave Siddon, says its the worst the park has suffered in it 30 year existence.

“The insurance adjusters look at one estimate and then the contractor have come with another one, and there’s a big gap between those. And we have to figure out how to fill those gaps to get everything rebuilt,” said Director Siddon.

Compounding the problem for Siddon is being forced to keep visitors away until it’s deemed to be safe. That means income to pay for those repairs are down so wildlife images is asking for donations while it continues the cleanup. He says no animals were injured and none escaped, although some fences were badly damaged. He says most of the bears slept through the storm.