Stores Help To Keep Kids Out of Hot Cars

hot car(CNN) — Doctors are saying forgetting a child in a hot car is not as uncommon as some might think. They said distractions or out of routine tasks are often a common culprit. Today, Wal-Mart announced it’s stepping in to try and help.

A store in Indiana is putting up signs in the parking lot that read, “Look before you leave.” The goal is to remind parents to make sure their children are not in the hot car while they go shopping.

Doctors said even shopping for just a few minutes on what seems like a cool day outside can be just as dangerous.

Eric Yancy, a pediatrician said, “Children have been shown to succumb to heat stroke in temps as low as 65 to 70 degrees. That’s a mild day. So, no time is a safe time.”

The move comes after two separate cases in the area where kids were left in hot cars.